Just a Fossil repo

This site is just a Fossil repository. Fossil is a version control system for source code (like Git), but a Fossil repo is contained in a single SQLite file. Fossil the program can also run as a CGI program to serve a web interface for the repository.

Besides holding source code, a Fossil repo also contains a forum, a chatroom, a wiki, and a ticketing system. I’m only using the wiki, but the other things are there if I need them, with zero setup or maintenance needed from me.

By misusing Fossil as a general-purpose CMS, I can publish on this site quickly from anywhere, with the kind of thoughtless abandon that usually requires a database-backed CMS, and still get most of the benefits of a static site (simple no-overhead hosting, portability). There is no workflow and there are no commands to remember. Type in a box and click a button.

(This is the second of my two approaches to web publishing.)