My email setup

In March 2021 Jess and I switched from Gmail to After nearly a year there, we’re thinking about switching to something else.


The downsides:

  1. You can’t create contact groups. This is still hard for me to believe!
  2. You can only use it with a single custom domain. This was not a factor for us in 2021, but it is now.
  3. It’s easily the most expensive option on the market.

All of the above are reasons why we’ll almost certainly move from Hey to either Fastmail or Microsoft 365. I’m more than willing to pay for an reliable email solution that looks great and keeps my inbox clean, but not if it makes life more complicated in other ways.

If we switched to Fastmail’s Standard plan, we’d save $144 a year. If we did so, we’d probably make use of this great blog post: Moving from Hey to Fastmail

If we switched to Microsoft 365 Business Standard (in order to support multiple domains) we’d pay $300/year versus $264, but we’d also be able to drop Zoom at $192/year in favor of Teams, which would make it a tiny bit cheaper than Fastmail. I support MS 365 at work so its foibles are known to me. Replicating Hey’s email screening in Outlook would be much more tedious.