Joel Dueck ·

Vagrant writers

I read a post yesterday which admonishes me to set up a public list of links to my favorite websites websites, to help other people find them. It made me realize that my favorite writers mostly do not live at home anymore, so to speak: they are not synonymous with a URL.

My favorite writers are their names, not their websites. They are constantly train-hopping. You have to keep up with them.

A very long time ago I could tell you “go to Ftrain, Paul Ford is there”. The site is still there, & it’s a good urban explore as a mind palace, but Paul Ford doesn’t write there anymore. I can’t tell you where to find Paul Ford’s most current writing. I can only give you his name.

These writers are cooking, not engineering. They go where their work will be found, eaten and enjoyed in the way that seems best.

One of my favorite poems was left as a comment on someone’s blog in 2003.